By the Lord’s grace, He has provided so Christian Far East Ministry can provide for hundreds of victims of the more than sixty (60) year war in Myanmar–also known as Burma.  The Burmese Military Regime is fighting the many different tribal people for control of land.  Many innocent civilians are caught up in this war.  Civilians run to the jungles to escape the conflict, but many die from malnutrition, disease, snake bites, or land mines.  Children are often left orphaned, or have no opportunity to find food, shelter, or education.

CFE is providing everything for hundreds of refugee children.  Schools are set up in some instances, and all are receiving food, clothing, medical care, and a Christian education.  In other places CFE is offering food, clothing, medicine, and scriptures to villages of people in need.

But thousands of people are still escaping the war in Burma and are in need of assistance.

To read testimonies from these people, go to the archived newsletters (LINK specific newsletters)

To read about the atrocities of the war, go to the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) web site: