CFE is supporting several orphanages outside of the war zones.  In these areas, children are suffering due to poverty, drugs, AIDS, spiritual darkness, and horrible family lives.  In this region there was a time in recent years when entire villages were being wiped out because of AIDS.  Only a few old people and young children would survive, but they could not sustain the village so they would move to other areas.  In villages today there are parents who will sell their young daughters to those who promise that the daughters will be given good paying jobs. But often the girls end up in sweat shops working for meager wages or they are taken as slaves into the sex trade.  They are eventually allowed to go back home before they died of AIDS.  In other areas, families are ravaged by drugs.  There are stories of men who were killed because of their involvement in the drug trade, but then their wives were not able to care for their children, so the children are left at an orphanage.  Other children have been completely neglected because of the drug use of the parents, and orphanage workers would step in to care for these children.  The spiritual darkness in these areas is tremendous.  To read the story of one orphanage worker and her work to save these children, click the link [LINK]