Christian Far East Ministry is working to bring scriptures to poor and oppressed believers in East Asia.  Many people groups in East Asia will never have the scriptures unless someone brings the scriptures to them.  They have no other access to the scriptures except from the help of others.  In 2010, CFE helped one people group receive scriptures for the first time in 20 years.  Another people group had waited about 40 years for scriptures for their people.  In 2009 CFE printed the first scripture portions for a people group who have never had scriptures in their language before, and yet the people of this tribe have been Christians for over 100 years.  There are other people whom we have helped over the years, and they have waited between 10 years and 40 years before ever having their first scriptures.   Can you imagine being a Christian for 40 years and never having your own copy of the scriptures?  Sometimes the believers cry for hours in gratitude and in thanking the Lord for the scriptures that have come to them.  Click on the link to read some testimonies of what the scriptures have meant to the people receiving them.  [LINK]