The Bible is the most important thing in my life:

My name is Mrs. S.  I am 56 year-old and I have five sons and six daughters.  My husband died twelve years ago.  I received Christ as my personal savior before I married at the age of sixteen.  I have always been hungry to read the Bible, but I have never been able to buy one, because my parents were very poor, I am very poor, and also it is very difficult to find a Bible.  So I have prayed and prayed and prayed to have a Bible before I die.  After praying to God for forty (40) long years I have now received a New Testament Bible.  I praised and cried out to God when I received it, because it is very, very, very important for me.  The Bible is the most important thing for my life.  I realize that God is the one who answered my prayer even after forty years.  He used someone to answer my prayer.  I would like to say, “Thanks” to Brother Mark and I pray that God will bless you and your family more to be able to give more Bibles to others.  Brother Mark, I will always keep this Bible with me wherever I go.  God is even sweeter than before.

This is the first Bible I have ever owned:

I am Mr. S L. I am 71-years-old.   My father was a Buddhist and so I also grew up among the Buddhists.  But by the grace of God, when I was fifteen-years-old, my friend invited me to go to church and God’s Holy Spirit touched me and I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord.  Because I became a Christian my parents no longer allowed me to live with them, so they sent me to live with my uncle in another State.  But the spiritual situation was happier, because the people in this state are Christians.  But my uncle’s family was poor and they could not buy a Bible for me.  I started praying to God and asking for a Bible when I was twenty-years-old.  God answered my prayer after 51 years.  How great is God.  Now, I own a New Testament Bible.  I am very old now, but my eyes are very clear by His grace.  I am very happy to read the Bible and I am eager to share the Bible to others.  Thanks to those who support for me to get a Bible.  I am happy and ready to read the Bible the rest of my life..