Our vision is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the people of Asia and to take root in their hearts so that they may enter into the abundant and eternal life that Jesus promised to all who will believe in HIM. Our heart is to try to follow the leading of the Lord to do what we can to ignite fires of faith. We do this by providing written scriptures, reaching out to refugees, supporting orphanages and participating in evangelism and church planting.


Our mission is to bring the word of God to those who could not receive it unless someone goes and brings it to them. The Word of God is alive and powerful to change lives for the better, and it is the power of God unto eternal salvation. New Christians have said that they have looked for peace their whole lives but never found it until they accepted the Good News of Jesus Christ and received HIS salvation.


Our aim is to first of all do our best to follow our Lord Jesus Christ and to glorify him but, secondly, to work with other agencies, churches and ministries with common vision to help see the spread of the Gospel in Asia.

We seek to educate Christians in the West about the situation of Christians in Asia and to seek prayer for the Asian people. We also seek to share with Christians in the West powerful testimonies of faith in God and endurance of persecution from Asia and to share about God’s faithfulness and power. You can sign up for our free newsletter by clicking here.

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Guiding Principles

Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be the servants of all.” Christian Far East Ministry seeks to serve the people of Asia and to be a blessing to them. We do not want to control or dictate how a man or woman of God in Asia is to act or what they are to believe. But we seek to serve them by encouraging them, sharing from the Scriptures, praying for them and seeking to make the Bible and the Holy Spirit our teachers rather than a specific denominational theology. We want to continually seek the truth of God’s word along with the people in Asia. We believe the body of Christ should be unified with our Lord Jesus as its head and that each member of the body of Christ should humbly love, serve and sacrifice for one another.

We are conscientious of being faithful in serving and having integrity with finances. And we are most conscious of the fact that we must stand for what we believe is the truth and leading of God no matter the consequences..